Scoring Questions

Is a cube scoring if it is touching inside the corner goal, but also touching the top of the side wall?

Does a cube have to be touching the floor in order for a ball underneath it to score? Specifically, if a robot is holding a cube above a ball at the end of the time, do the balls directly below it score?

We need to look at the game manual ( starting on page 5, looking at the definitions of “scored”.

Your first question: a cube is scored if it is touching the scoring area. There is no criteria given about touching the side wall; therefore, the side wall is not a consideration. The figure (fig 16) is confusing if you don’t read the caption. The reason the cube in figure 16 doesn’t score is because it is not touching the goal area, not because it’s leaning on the wall.

For you second question, if the ball is not touched by the robot, and partially within the 3-dimension volume of the cube, and not touching the floor outside the cube, then it scores. There is no critera given about the cube touching the floor; therefore it is not a consideration in scoring the ball.

It’s been reported that at some events, referees have erroneously scored balled which are located below a cube that is on a platform; however, this is wrong because the balls are not at least partly within the 3-dimensional volume of the cube.

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