Scoring Situation Questions

I just want to verify these situations:

  1. A robot may not touch the goal when delivering balls to the goal.
  2. If the ball is still in the possession of the robot when time is up, but is rolling from a robot “basket” toward the goal, and then falls into the goal after time is called, the ball does not count for score.
  3. Is there a “5 second rule” that lets things continue moving for 5 seconds after time is called and controllers are put down, and then scoring occurs?

Thank you.


Scoring should take place when all robots and scoring objects come to a rest. If balls are still in motion or a robot is sliding down the ramp then scoring should wait until they stop moving.


Not sure but I think you might be referring to the south TX championship finals.

  1. True

  2. Balls do count if they are moving after the match ends.

  3. This is a tricky one. (In reference to a high dumper “basket” design) I think that if the robot continues to move after time ends (due to rubber bands or an auton program) but the driver has put down the controller, the balls should count. There hasn’t been an official answer to this yet so I hope someone from the GDC figures this out.

I was just curious how closely the rules followed basketball. A shot counts if it is released before the buzzer. So Bank Shot is partly like the NBA, balls in motion count, but unlike the NBA, can still be in contact at the buzzer.

I knew that if the robot was moving downhill at the buzzer, it could come off the ramp and not score after the buzzer, so a wait time is required to make sure it is truly parked. Maybe that is the “5 second” rule that I heard about.

I did not remember the rule about not touching the goal since we did not have a robot that had that ability. I think some of the robots at the tournament did touch the goal. I know one that got stuck on the goal after dumping balls and could not move anymore, but it may have been accidental touching rather than strategic touching. I’m glad that I was not a referee! I really appreciate those who volunteer for that job.

I was not even aware of the scoring discussion at the tournament until someone told me about it. I have no issues with the results. My teams had a great time, and are extremely happy and proud of their accomplishments this year.


  1. Correct, however the robot may not touch the goal at any time (not just limited to ball delivery)
    <G11>; Robots may not make contact with either the Scoring Zone or the Goal. Violations of this rule will result in a warning for minor offenses that do not affect the match. Egregious (score affecting) offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams who receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification, at the head referee’s discretion.

  2. The ball is scored in the position in which it comes to rest, presuming drivers stopped the robot at, or prior to, the end of the match.
    *<G8>; Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match, once all objects on the field come to rest. Any scoring that takes place after the match due to Robots continuing to drive after the Match will not count. *

  3. There is no “5 second rule” in the official rules. See <G8>

What does <G8> mean by continuing to drive? Does that mean if the robot continues to move after the time period (with rubber bands or something) scoring would take place after the robot stops moving?

I think it means the opposite… if a robot continues scoring (ie rubber bands, programmed behavior, etc.) the points would not count. This was confirmed by our regional Vex rep at an event I attended where they were discussing the “come to rest” and the specific question on programmed behavior was brought up. I think the intent here is mainly to address robots sliding off the ramp once the buzzer has sounded.