Scoring the barrels

Hey, does anyone know if the barrels get stuck if you drop them in horizontally as opposed to vertically?


They dont get stuck, as far as i can remember, there is no way for the barrel(or ball) to get stuck in the goal unless 2 objects are forced in.

The barrels are 5" tall. So if something that’s 6" wide can fall through, then something that’s 5" wide will have no problem.

  • Sunny G.

i think if i remember correctly the goals are about 10’‘-12’’ wide, and have 2-ish inch thick pvc pipe. so if its if you subtract the 4 (2 pieces of pvc (one on each side)) pieces of of pvc you get 8’'. that leaves roughly 2 inches of free space, they fit no problem!

barrels on their own are fine, but we’ve had a few instances in NZ so far wherein a barrel and ball (with ball seated inside the curve of the barrel) have dropped together and fallen sideways, preventing further scoring in the goal. Purely unintended.