Scoring Triballs on the Net

Can you score a Triball on the net in an Over Under match? Me and my friend have been reading through the rule book for a while and haven’t found anything definite either way on this. Thanks.

I would suggest reading a bit more carefully, if you still can’t find it check out rule SC3


I would recommend reading the manual.

If you look at page 16 of the manual, ‘Goal’ is defined:

The last sentence in that definition stipulates “below the surface of the net”…


Thank you very much.

In addition to this, rule SC3b. makes it clear that the triballs need to be underneath the net

At least two (2) corners of the Triball are within the Goal (i.e., are under the Net and have “broken the plane” of the outer edge of the PVC pipes that define the Goal volume).

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What confuses me is that you have to put the triball under the net, but the net is shorter than the ball???

The poles flex a bit, a pushbot can get them in.


The pole can bend without breaking. Look at any stress-strain graph. The pole is under bending force and it elastically deforms for low deformations at low forces.

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Nitinol goal bars

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