Scoring While Goals Are Tipped?

A cone is considered scored on a goal if it is “fully nested on a goal.” If a goal is tipped over, can the “fully nested” aspect still be applied still? Can we score cones on the tipped goal by also tipping the cones?

From my understanding, it would mean that the goal would be unable to be scored on. However, the rubberized surface on the bottom of the mobile goals and its 3 or so pounds would make it virtually impossible to tip.

@Cape 56E Actually one of my team mates who stayed to mess with the objects the day after actually told me the bottom is made of metal rather then rubber. He also said he wasn’t paying that much attention, so maybe its incorrect.

just looked through the field specs, and yeah it does look like the bottom’s metal. i never noticed that. in that case, it would definitely be difficult to tip over.
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.21.13 PM.png

I think that no matter what way you position the goal it will also go back upright.

I haven’t played with them, but it looks to me like the center of mass is slightly up the cone point. A fully tipped over goal should have its center of mass just slightly too far forwards to tip back, but only when fully tipped. Of course, I haven’t actually held the objects so this is just speculation based on what I see, and people who have used them will have more valuable input.