During the last 30 seconds when driver loads are permitted, is it a must that they have to be used? If they are used and the driver loads are left in the starting tile would they be considered to be in the far zone? If they are not used, would they be counted as part of the final score?

Also, at the end of the match a robot goes to score something over but doesn’t finish, the game objects are still on the robot but they do not touch the floor, would those game objects be scored or ignored? If they were included in the score, does it matter if the game objects are in the far zone, or near zone, or if the robot is in the far zone or near zone to determine how much the game objects are worth?


If you do not use your cube preload it counts as in the enemies far zone. Any stars supported by a robot are scored in the higher scoring zone. Check the game rules in the manual

See this Q&A for more information on SG4


Yes will do, thnks