Can you steal the opponents points as long as your wheel doesn’t cross their zone.

Not sure what you’re thinking about stealing points. The rules say you can’t touch the scoring zones (touch the tiles) on the your opponents side of the fence. You could potentially increase your score by reaching through the fence and shoving an object from the near zone to the far zone, without touching any tiles.

Its because our claw can go under the fence and we would like to know if we could steal someone’s points.

But is it legal?

If you put your claw under (or over) the fence, and pulled a star over (or under) the wall, you would be scoring for the other alliance, not yourself. You score by putting stars on the other side of the fence.

Have you seen the game video here on YouTube?

I don’t know if other people are understanding what you are saying. This is legal to do, as long as NOTHING touches the scoring zones on the other side of the fence. Are you saying this to basically be able to do such things, once you cleared your side and you want to make sure the other side won’t be able to push stars under the fence?

so i can then???

Please describe exactly what you mean? Just what are you planning to do that would be stealing your opponents points? I think the reason that you haven’t gotten an answer is that we really don’t know what you mean. Tell us exactly how you are planning on stealing your opponents points.

my claw can go underneath the wall it is long enough to steal someones points but we wanted to see first

I’m assuming this would be for SP’s, but the thing is SP doesn’t do much this year. Since AP’s are way more important.

I feel like what he is trying to ask is if he can pull them from the near zone, retract from the opponent’s side, and score them in the far zone.
If this is the question, then this is legal, so long as you do not contact the field tiles on the other side of the fence.

thank you

To be perfectly honest, I still have no idea exactly what the original poster is attempting to do. And thank you, G_Sawchuck for your response, however, to me that wasn’t very clear. I still would like the OP to give an example of exactly what they mean.
If they mean can they use their claw to reach through the fence push objects from their near (low) scoring zone to their far (high) scoring zone, then yes this is legal.
Otherwise, the only way to “steal” your opponents points is to move them from their far zone to their near zone(which are on your side of the fence) or remove them from their scoring zones and dump/toss/push them into your scoring zones (which ore on the other side of the fence. This is very legal and will be the most common form of “stealing” your opponent’s points.
The thing that is confusing is that your scoring zones are on the other side of the fence and your opponent’s scoring zones are on your side of the fence.
I await a clarification from nleos about exactly what they mean by “stealing” their opponents points.

i mean get the points that they are trying to make on us.

What he is trying to do is grab stars that are close to the fence on the other side and dump them back over the fence, most likely scoring them in the far zone for more points than they were before.

Perhaps you should at least review the game video (and re-read the manual) to better understand how points are scored:

You opponent “makes points on you” by having scoring objects on your side of the fence. To “take away their points” you throw the objects onto your opponent’s side, or push them under the fence to their side.