Hey everyone,
We wanted to know how the points will be calculated for the competition. Do you gain points as you score them, or, do you gain points depending on how many of the parts are in the “scored position” at the end of the competition? Is there an exception for the flags, as they keep changing throughout the duration of the competition?

Score is calculated at the end of autonomous mode and then again at the end of the match.

Caps also keep changing during the game. So no exception for scoring of either flags or caps.

As a clarification, the score calculated at the end of Autonomous is only for the purposes of awarding the autonomous bonus; you don’t get to “keep” the points you score during autonomous. The only score that counts is the one at the end of the match.

Thats how I interpreted it too. A snapshot of the state of scoring elements is taken at the end of auton, and that determines who receives the auton bonus. Then again, the score is calculated at the end of the match.

Its almost like two games, since in the autonomous section, you only have half the field and have limited interaction with your opponents. During this time, its a matter of how well you can score points for yourself/alliance. During teleop, descoring your opponents will matter.

This is the way it’s worked for all games.