Scouting Aid

I’m thinking of creating a scouting app for toss up. What capabilities are you guys looking for in a potential app? Do you want communication between team members? A purely independent app that doesn’t ever use any data? What?

Make there be communication with other people (team can seperate to scout and share all data) and make sure to have simple things like if they can hang, go under 12 inches, etc as a yes/no and b able to categorize all robots based on things like that.

We’ve got one you can take a look at if you want ideas. It’s basically finished, but we didn’t have time to release it before Worlds. We did a preliminary release so that people would bug test, but only a couple did. I’m sure you can find it if you search on the Android store.

Basically, your team has a login. As many devices as have that account can access the scouting data. There’s a search feature for teams, a list of teams you’ve entered data for, and labeled text boxes you can fill with whatever you want. We need to change their titles for Toss Up, but most things should stay the same.

I didn’t code any of it, I just do graphical design. Which isn’t in the release on the store right now. Actually, come to think of it, that might be a broken version we put up. Anyway, we’ve got one mostly finished already. Give us a week or so, and we’ll be reposting the working version. If you still want to make one that’s fine, but this will probably do what you want it to.

I did see your app, which no offense, had too many problems to use. It did inspire me, however. I’ll have quite a bit of free time this summer, and if you have another useful app that I could build, completing a desperate task then yours, I’d love suggestions. If not, we can always be friendly competitors :wink:

If you need someone to help find bugs, I would love to help.
All you need to do is ask:-)

Oh, it was horribly, horribly bugged. That initial release was a test to see if we even could get it on the store, and to hopefully get people to find all the flaws we had missed We fixed the edit feature, the search, the list and the information display. We used it at Worlds with no problems at all, other than adding too many pictures of robots can cause crashes, and they aren’t networked between devices. We took to just sending them through a Facebook message chat eventually.

Give us a few days to get the new one ready. I’m in my hotel room using my iPhone to browse the forums because I can’t get the stupid Wifi to connect to my laptop. I THINK I have a link saved to the working .apk, give me a second to look. I’ll PM you if I do. We’re doing the release of the working version for Toss Up once we make a couple of changes.

I found the .apk, but it won’t let me PM you for some reason. I’ll happily e-mail you the link if you want to see the working version, or if you don’t care we’ll be posting the new game’s version in a while.

Of course, I could always just add scouting to my app, haha.

I kind of wondered why you hadn’t yet. That would be fantastic.

You should totally email me the link. Thanks!