Scouting Application

We’re looking for tools to create a database for our scouts and our team in general. I’ve heard of some teams using Google Forms. I’ve tried some of the software on this forum, but I haven’t found anything recent or working yet. If anyone wants to let me know of some good webapps/pc apps that would be super helpful.

Open source would be nice, but we understand if teams choose not to have it that way.

Thanks very much for your help in advance! :slight_smile:

i dont know of any vex scouting platforms

our team uses google sheets on an ipad.

Our school uses an online platform that was programmed by one of our coaches. People can connect to it using their phones. After filling information for a certain team based on our own criteria, the robots will automatically be ranked. I am not so sure about how this was programmed, but this could be an idea for other teams looking for scouting ideas. this forum post is what you need

I have created an app the past two years using a program called AppSheet which uses google form as a basis. It works really well and has allowed me to add things such as a scoring algorithm and ranking system for the robots. You can use it for free and it does not take too long to set up.