Scouting help

Hello all, my teams have never really formally scouted, just spotted up the best teams at the comp passively, does anyone have any guidelines to follow? Or a spreadsheet? Or tips? Or steps

Well, our team originally used paper spreadsheet with simple questions to ask teams, for instance
How many points does your autonomous score?
Can you hang?..

We then moved to google sheets, and we used laptops to input all the necessary quantitative info, and we created formulas to rank the teams based on the info we gathered.

Recently we started using an app called Memento Databases on an Andriod tablet. All we had to do was program the different questions and stuff into the app, then we can add a team, go to the drop down and select the answer to the question, then take a picture of the robot, and give an overall ranking. Once you have gathered all the info you can rank the teams based on scores. It was really handy during the tournament because we also had access to VEX via and the VEX hub apps. The paper spreadsheets and the google sheets were fine, but this seemed to be the best way to scout for our team.

When scouting, make sure you take everything with a grain of salt. If it sounds too good to be true, it might be. Some teams like to make themselves sound better than they actually are. Make sure to watch the matches of the teams you scout to confirm the info they gave you.

Hope this helps.

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Do they have ziptied together motors? if so they are a veteran team. They good for pickin

Just memorize like almost all the numbers and if they are good or bad compared to you, this is very effective. Keep looking at the practice fields to see teams and judge them.

Some veteran teams don’t ziptie their motors.

But those that do are veterans.

or they just read the forum

or forum verterans

That’s the only thing on my scouting sheet

One of the young teams between our graduation and us coming back as mentor were just really bad at building and ziptied their entire robot together rather than use nuts and bolts.

I made a scouting sheet which you can find here -