Scouting in Omaha

Are there any teams interested in collaboration for scouting in Omaha? With such a high number of teams, it would be extremely beneficial to have multiple teams working together.

Personally, I think that it is each teams own responsibility to scout. Why would someone tell them about their robot if they would be competing against them. Also, people’s opinions and standards vary. So, what you may consider a good robot, I may consider a piece of junk.

That’s why you gather raw data. Most scouting that I’ve seen and been involved with has simply been the process of gathering raw data. Things such as how many cubes a team can hold, how many they score at a time, whether they are a fast or slow robot etc. Then you or someone else can interpret the data however you want.

As long as each item a scout looks for is easily quantifiable, such as how fast the robot is, then the data gathering will be consistent and multiple teams can work together.

I would highly suggest that teams work together. Not only do you meet new people, you also work towards a common goal. You can compete on the field but off the field everyone should work together.

This may be your opinion but I personally was involved in a very successful scouting database in FIRST at the Buckeye Regional. We had 14 laptops watching each match all inputting data into one central computer, while something this large is not particularly feasible, I do believe that any data gathered is better than none. You are welcome to attempt to scout up to a potential 200 teams but if anyone else feels a bit overwhelmed by this number let me know and we can see what we can work out. Thanks.

We are a three-member team, and this sounds like a great idea.

I think that is a brilliant idea. Our team name is “Gear Gods” and of you like we can work together with the scounting. Our team is from Omaha, NE and we are part of the sponsoring school for the event.

Just send us msg if you still want to persue this collaboration.

  • Gear Gods :slight_smile:

I personally think that teams working together is a way better idea than having one team try and do all their scouting by themselves. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sure do not want to try to manage scouting 200 teams with one team, especially when you are going to have people reparing and stratagizing. I have seen earlier in the year teams scouting together in different regionals and the outcome was fantastic. You not only get to get the information you need to make stratagies and find potential allies, you also get out and meet new people and the overall expirence is a good one. That may sound a little lame to some of you but it is very effective. I personally will be scouting for 829 and will glady help any and all of those that would like to scout with my team and others. Just look for us in our gold shirts!

-Sean Ward