Scouting Methods?

I was just wondering what you guys use for scouting. I use google sheets, but it takes a while to make and has to be updated every competition. I was wondering if anyone has any better methods or an experience in scouting they would like to share.

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We use a spreadsheet that updates in real-time, and then we customize formulas based on those statistics. We print it out before all of our tournaments. If you DM me, I can send you some of our previous documents.


We made a sheet which had everything we would like to know about our alliances and just go around to every team asking them I can send you the sheet we use if you want just dm me

that’s exactly what we did for our competitions too!

It’s the most over powered way

Hey, could you send me those, I am also having trouble scouting! Thanks!

My team just watched around and sees who is close to us and who can complement us then we just go talking with them
We usually do this bc we rank towards the top and we will talk to others ranked near us

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