Scouting Questions?

Hi from 803 and 803b.
Since alot of teams use the VEX forum can I ask you guys questions?
What is your team #?
Can you pick up:
small balls?
medium balls?
large balls?
How many of each ball?
How many balls can you dump?
Can you lock up small balls?
Are you holonomic not holonomis?
Is your robot fast, moderate, or slow?
what type of robot do u guys have?

team #394
we can get the small medium and large
we can hold and dump 7 medium balls at a time or 2 large balls maby 20 small balls?
sorry thats all i think i can say 4 the mean time btw what are u changing yours 2?

Were changing are claw robot to a dumper robot! We finished the drive train today! It’s not holonomic but are super fast speed would make up for that weakness! Now were working on are lift system for the scooper and basket! We are making it also fast. So are new robot were building is going to be a super fast and efficient dumper robot hopefully!

coolz ^^, hope it gos well

thankz tell u how it goes tommorow!

sounds pretty sweet
how fast is it?
gear/chain ratio?
and how fast does it dumo?
or how fast do you want it do dump?
(since you didnt build it yet)

Since you said your robot is going to be 3:1 we wont as be as fast as you. Last year we tried that gear ratio and we couldnt turn, but this year we did and it worked. But we don’t want to strip a clutch alot at WORLDS so we have a 7:3 gear ratio. Which is a suprisingly fast speed. Although the fastest team i have heard of is wailua with there 5:3 holonomic drive. Although holonomic drives have an advantage for defense our fast speed will accomodate for that flaw.

Our arm for the basket and scooper is using a gear ratio of 5:3 with rubber band support. Today we finished 3/4 of the dumper arm and tommorow we are going to finish the rest of it and start on the scooper arm. We still have to change the drive train on the shaft because the wheel wobbles, but we know whats wrong the axle was bent when we put it on… When timing the dumper it takes only 1/2 second to 3/4 second to dump. So were almost done with the robot and when the new parts arrive we have to change the gears to high strength gears, take off metal and add anti-slip mat so the dumper is going to be more efficient since we are taking of metal. So technically we are testing until are parts come in, but we are not hopefully making big changes when the new parts arrive.

Look for us at Worlds! :smiley:

What is your team #? 2625D
Can you pick up:
small balls? 14-16
medium balls? 6-8
large balls? 1-2
How many of each ball?
How many balls can you dump? same as up there
Can you lock up small balls? yes
Are you holonomic not holonomis? holonomic
Is your robot fast, moderate, or slow? fast
what type of robot do u guys have? ultimate scoop
it can clean sweep a field in under a minute with 14 green balls locked up :slight_smile: see you at worlds by the way were an all freshman team;)

Can I ask how can you lock up 14 balls though only 5 small balls can fit in each goal.? Could you tell us your gear ratio for your holonomic , scooper, and dumper plz! it would be too late for us to change are gear ratios! It usually takes a week to finish one part of are robot such as the drive train… so can you please tell us your gear ratios! By the way nice robot we would love to have you on an alliance! Oh yea are u entering the robot skills and programming skills? If yes what is your top score for both?

If they can clean sweep and lock up 14 balls, that’s 188 points. Very impressive. I figured that 136-140 would win in Dallas.

I made a program that runs from a website that allows people to scout teams from their smart phones.

Would you mind letting us know where that website is? Thanks! :smiley:


What is your team #? 702E
Can you pick up:
small balls? yes, up to around 15
medium balls? 3-4
large balls? 2

How many balls can you dump?
Those aren’t all at once; we can do combinations of all of those, or just that many. So like 3 mediums, 3 smalls, etc. Those are just typical numbers for each that we could hold if we were only holding those. We sometimes can dump 5 footballs, but always 3-4 with a green ball or two.

Can you lock up small balls?
Yes, we can but it usually isn’t worth the time for us to do so.

Are you holonomic not holonomis? not holonomic
Is your robot fast, moderate, or slow? fast

Our robot has a great intake system and a fast drivetrain, which lets us pick up, score, and block quickly.

Team 702 (not 702E) also has a big dumper (around 10 footballs, sometimes more), a quick scorer (only 2 footballs but very fast) and one other robot with a very unique design going to worlds, so be sure to check us out!