Scouting sheet

What do you think a scouting sheet should consist of?
Post pics or downloads of any scouting sheets you used or are using.

at the ontario regional lots of teams were doing serveys (i.e. drive train, main function, time put it, practice amount, etc…)

i just used the list of teams we got and rated them from 1 to 10 :smiley:

Last year our scouts took a pic of each bot, wrote down about five sentences about each bot, and talked to the teams. It got us first place at our regional.

I like to have one sheet for each team.

In the upper left, name and number, beneath that, a photo of the bot

On the right side, a birds eye shot of the field, which we imput their common starting position and outline their atonomus

In the lower left corner, notes, stats, and tilts

you had time to do that!!! oh wait…you’re on a team with like 10 or so ppl right? 1 man team its hard to play, scout, judges interview, lunch, inspection and everything going on i barely had any time to do any detailed scouting! should have though because i was 8th alliance captain! drat!

Do you have any examples or printouts we could see(I would understand if you didn’t)?

I just drew one up on MS Paint. It may be low quality, but it should give you an idea of what seems effective.

The “tilt” option is used for whatever else you thing you want modifying your record. For example: Consistency.

Plz reply

cool but i was looking for something that you could use in bulk (not using one page for one robot)

This is actually the way to go if your drivers are, well… driving and have no time to scout. The people who are named scouts need to have good information to give to the drivers who are usually team leaders.

Well last year at world we were scouting for a long time but this year i think I have a better way of scouting(mister t im not saying your way is bad):wink:

I am able to use the “one robot per sheet” by giving them to scouters in the stands. During each match, it is easy to evaluate a robot’s preformance. After the qualifying rounds, and before the elemination rounds. The drivers usually have a feel of who -does-what and can easely interview (be interviewed by) teams.

at the Ontario Regional i found it hard to just stand and watch beside the fields because it is already crowded, now if you have a large team and can get someone in there right away then well, you’re in luck!

This is a problem many regionals have had to deal with, the field is very small and there are a lot of people who want to see whats going on. In Atlanta last year when I was watching matches I found that even though I could see the field well it was still easier to watch on the screens. Every regional that I’ve been to has had the match projected up onto a screen. This helps a lot.

yes same with huge projectors everyone should just be able to sit in the auditorium (there was a huge one at the ontario regional in woburn) unless they’re playing or…

each team should get one ‘scouting representitive’ who has full access to the field anytime

I remember in atlanta last year… People who wanted to be in the dome had to sit in the stands, exept for the 2 drivers, the coach and… media people.

I think there should be one table where all the teams put there sheets with some pics of there robot.

That’s a great idea! It is hard to see what is happening because you are so far away and so many people are trying to get the same close view that you want.