Scouting Sheet

Hi there, my team has a competition coming up very soon, and I was just wondering of anyone had a scouting sheet that we could use. We’ve had multiple scouting sheets in the past, but none of them have really worked well. If no one has one, or no one is willing to post one on here, what are at least some criteria that you guys have on your scouting sheet? Thanks guys!

Hmm. I think it’s not very hard to make a scouting sheet.

First just list all the qualities that you think are relevant: off the top of my head I can think of: how many of the driver loads can they make inside the net, how long it takes, auton accuracy, high lift/lowlift, speed of lift, rank, SP points, weight of the robot (if you are lifting them), etc.

Then you can set an arbitirary value for nonquantitative factors such as team compatibility, quality of driver, overall quality of team, etc.

Then for all these things, you find a value that would scale all the quantitative numbers nicely and average out the ratings, and if you want you can even have a weighted system which favors an aspect that you think are more important than others.

That’s truly fascinating, I’ve never thought about using some sort of equation to create a “rating” of a certain team… I really like the idea, and I’ll be certain to implement it this week, I do still have enough time to create a sheet…

And yes, I know it’s not that hard to do, but my team has tried before, and hasn’t necessarily succeeded, so I was looking more for suggestions on things to put on a scouting sheet…


Here is one that we use

Alright thanks a lot you guys, between the two of these things, I’m sure I’ll be able to pull something really good together… Thanks!

I saw Don’s idea(which I’d never thought of) and assigned some number values to qualities.

Awesome thanks so much!

My buddy from my team created a statistical analysis of each teams at a tournament. He created a graph/equation based on the team’s SP, WP,OPR, DPR, and CCWSM. If a team was ranked 1st in WP, they would get one point in that respect. Same with all the other things, and then he would rank the teams based off of the average of their scores. On the graph, he graphed a line of what the average for each ranking should be, and you could see which teams were better than they were ranked, and which were worse. Not sure fi you guys get this, but just lmk if you don’t and I will try to go more in depth about the explanation.

I understand, and it sounds fascinating… Statistics are just so confusing though :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to explain more, go for it, I would love to hear about it! Although I’m more of a visual learner so if I could see pictures that would help me a lot. Also, you used lots of abbreviations, what do each of those mean?

If you have a mobile device, I’d highly recommend team 3309’s scouting app!

When I get home, I’ll try to create a digital version of my spreadsheet idea. I’ve never actually made a spreadsheet for Vex tournaments, but I feel that this’d be a good reason to start one. I’ll also attempt to make values for the non-quantitative values based on what @Deep2124 set. :slight_smile:

The only advice I have for team statistics is to observe multiple games and try to find the mean of all the team’s scores and such. Do not rate a team based on a singular match because it would most likely introduce a large amount of bias, which you don’t want.

So… yeah. I’ll probably make the sheet tonight or tomorrow, but I’ll do my best to get it done before you competition. :slight_smile:

Here is a rough draft of the spread sheet I was talking about. Personally, I believe that the values can be refined even more, but I got too lazy to do it. If you guys have suggestions for the equations, I would be glad to take your suggestions.

Disclaimer: The “weight” column is a constant that can be altered for your preference. I literally put arbitrary values there, but you guys can make it your own. I am also very new in statistics, so if you guys have advice, I would be very open. :smiley:

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer.

@Don I love it!

Thanks man!

@Don Darn email notifications… I’m just seeing this now, but that’s amazing! Thank you so much, I’ll mess around with the weights and stuff and we’ll be perfect!

These scouting sheets look really useful. I might starting analysing different teams at our competitions now.

No problem, man. Good luck with your competition. :slight_smile:

@Deep2124 has the best one. We have one of the best scouting teams and it uses a scout sheet like that. The really complicated ones are too hard to make and the issue is that a team’s quality is constantly changing and a simpler scout sheet allows to make easier changes. We used to use a really complicated one like @Don and our scouting was not nearly as good. Hope that helps!!

we have made a scouting app for IOS. You enter shots and stuff and it calculates different stuff like mean and other advanced equations. You can also add pictures to the robot. We will publish the app soon and definitely make an announcement on Forum.

I’ve made my own rather massive excel spreadsheet as a stats database that i link up to robot events for each team. (A bit like vexdb). But then I have made some match predictors with each with varying degrees of accuracy. (Predicts score as well as the winner). The highest one is generally ±20 for each team in terms of points. I want to get this lower, but i don’t believe it’s possible. It takes into account people’s compatibility with each other (some data needs to be entered on the day by a scout), average scores and trends in average scores over the year and tournament. We generally don’t have any tournaments big enough for the need of a scouting sheet in the UK, but once or twice we have used it for scouting purposes (it’s more there for the judges :slight_smile: ).
Obviously you don’t need to go into as much detail as i have done but a simple average scorer on excel isn’t hard to do at all. (Clue: it involves the SUMIF function).