What are some good questions that you can ask when scouting?

:D. I find that asking questions during scouting can only get you so close to the truth. Teams often slightly bend the truth to make themselves and their robot appear in a brighter light, and I don’t blame them.

Our scouting program includes a couple of guys who sit in the stands and they watch matches. For example, if in match 1, they guys notice that team AAA performed well, then the guys will watch out for team AAA in another match, and see if their performance is based on actual functionality or luck/alliance partners.

But to answer your question, for this year, some of my questions would include:
-Which types of balls can you hold?
-How many balls can you hold?
-What is the maximum number of points you can put over the wall at one time, excluding the bonus ball?

  • Do You have an autonomous? If yes, what does it do?

Hope that helps.

  • Sunny

Thank you for helping. I feel happy some questions u said u should i asked at a previous competition at the beginning of october. Hi amy nice to chat with u again are u going to panpacific?