Screen Shots, of your Computer, For Your Information ( FYI )

I noticed when I was following the Thread failure in linking to Cortex with new EasyC that CometMentor was using a Digital Camera or Cell Phone to take Screen Shots of the Install Dialog Boxes…

There is a slightly easier way, and the Dialog Boxes are much easier to read…


On any Windows Systems since at least Windows 3.0, pressing the PrintScreen (PrtScr) key, while holding the Alt Key will copy to the Clipboard a “picture” of the Active Window…

Using a Graphic Program, like Microsoft Paint, you can copy that “picture” from the Clipboard to the Active Picture, with the Edit–>Paste command.

Then File–>Save it as a .JPG, and upload to

Clean, neat, and Quite, Quick!!!

while we are sharing screen shooting tips i would suggest puush it lets you take a screen shot of an area you select, the active window or the entire screen and then automatically uploads it to their servers and puts the link in your clip board, then all you need to do is ctrl+v into your IM or forum post

the “snipping tool” on windows 7 works just as well as any of the others mentioned