Screwdriver size for V5 motors?

What screwdriver size is the best for V5 motors when you want to swap out gear cartridges? Philips #0? or #1? a different size?

I’ve got a range of screwdrivers and bits, but I want to order a couple of drivers I can set aside just for motor cartridge swaps.


#1 to take the Phillips out, then throw them away, and replace them with an equivalent socket head screw (

Good idea, I’ll just bite the bullet and order some. Have you tried these?
These are #1-64 x 5/8" socket head cap screws.
Someone else recommends 0.35mm Pitch M1.6x16mm socket head cap screws.

Honestly, ignore size numbers when choosing a phillips screwdriver. Use the biggest one you can get to fit all the way down. The slender screwdrivers are more likely to strip the screws than are wider screwdrivers with a good point. Phillips screwdrivers aren’t like hexes and some other where have exactly the right size is so important.

We saw many teams remove the screws completely and use a large zip tie to hold the motor together. This way, I guess if something blows, you can easily cut the tie and replace everything but the upper cap without disassembling the robot.

We havnn’t done this, but where our motors are… it sure seems like a good idea as getting the motors back out would be a major undertaking.

Where did you see this? I thought I saw someone say metric was better too somewhere, but then couldn’t find it again.

Someone had given me the link to the grainger ones a couple of months ago and they are working for us fine. The socket head is SOOO much better than that Phillips head.

I saw the metric recommended on the VEX World Coaches Association FB page. I know I saw a discussion of the two options together, but I haven’t found that one.

Some problems come up because not every plus shaped hole is actually Phillips. Specifically, JIS has a different internal shape, and a driver for one will turn the other, but may strip each other out worse.
Plus Shapes.PNG

Yes, that is correct, they are M1.6x16 screws. I meant to add them to Robosource some time ago (I already have them sitting here), but I’ve been procrastinating/swamped with classes and finals, so I’ll get to it this weekend.

Oh, certainly. My advice was only for phillips. Typically with small phillips sizes you’re better off with a sharp (not sure that’s the best word) larger size screwdriver than the screw is expected to use because it will grab more of the screw head and so be less likely to strip the screw. I wasn’t suggesting using phillips screwdrivers for non-phillips screwdriver purposes.

One of my kids who has been complaining about the screwdrivers we have brought me a present today… A set of small screwdrivers. Very nice!

A T15 has been working for my team.

Here are the correctly sized socket head, hex drive replacements for the V5 motor housing screws:

Oh sure, tease us with new items when RoboSource isn’t shipping until after Christmas.