Screws for motor lid

Hi, I was wondering about the motor screws that are used to keep the lids of the motors in place. What kind of phillips screwdriver tip do you need to use to turn them without busting them? I have a #0, #1, #2, and #3 type screw heads but whether due to how we’re using them or whatever there’s a pile of broken motor screws in front of me.


We use a #0 for new motors where the screws are still in great shape and #1 for older or used screws.

I have an ancient pink #2 Phillips screw driver that I use. It works on almost everything, but the motor screws still strip if you are not careful. Something between 0-2, the 3 I would avoid.
Hope this helps.

You should use a high-quality #1 Phillips screwdriver for all screws, old or new.

This Wiha one hasn’t stripped a single screw in over a year of use:

We just use anything small enough to fit and then discard the screws. We use zip ties so we can change things quickly without having to deal with unscrewing the motor mount screws.

Same with us. It is working very well so far and is much less annoying.

The motor cover screws are metric. M2x0.4mm, 10mm length or 12mm length for IMEs. Zip ties are best, but if you want to use screws get some socket head ones which are possible to tighten and loosen without stripping.

+1 to this. Those phillips head screws get stripped so easily. The socket heads fit right close to the cover too.