Scrimmage near the South Bay Los Angeles area?

Hey all!

My team is located in the South Bay Los Angeles area of Southern California and we’re looking for a nearby team with a field who is willing to scrimmage with us. As of typing this, our bot isn’t completely done, but it’s nearing completion and there are just a few things left that can be finished in about a week (or, if we’re lucky, less).

If anyone is interested in getting in some practice, please let me know. I look forward to playing with you!

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northern or southern California?

Southern. I just updated the thread to include that.

South Bay San Diego? I think LA has a South Bay area too, not sure. Anyway, we are located in the South Bay area of San Diego, have a field and are happy to let you scrimmage or practice any time

Okay, I updated the thread again. Hopefully it’s good this time :sweat_smile:
Yeah, we’re in Los Angeles

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send me an email

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