Scrimmage Planning:How much lead time do you need

We’ve been having some discussion on how much lead time teams need to get ready for an event. On one side is posting dates for events that are 6 months in the future. The other side is posting notice of a scrimmage or an event that is two weeks away.

This poll is for SCRIMMAGE planning. How much lead time do you need to get to an event. If I were to post a scrimmage, how much lead time do you need to get your team organized and there.

I’ve found that scrimmages are a bit more haphazard and much more free as both teams and event staff are learning the ropes.

I’d say that the earlier the scrimmage is announced, the better. But, once again, at least 30 days.

  • Sunny

so scrimmage is just a “Get together and have fun” sort of thing right?
i’d say about 3 weeks
or sooner if you were REAL close to each other