Scrimmage Teams Wanted

We are searching for teams to do virtual scrimmage for both VIQC and V5. Let me know if your school wants to do a fun virtual scrimmage match with us.

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We could probably try to make that work. My bot will be comp ready in about 2 weeks. I’m finishing up a rebuild rn and would need a bit more time.

We would be down for some scrimmages too

That is great. my teams are almost done with building then I will get touch with you next week.

Great. Let me know whenever your robot is ready to go

I can’t find the direct message feature to talk about more details. Let me know

I’m not really familiar with vexforum either. If there is another platform we could communicate on, like discord, that would work.

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If you click on someone’s profile pic and then press the blue envelope, you can ok someone

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I replied in this before I saw there is a v5 thread. We’re VRC.

Are you also planning for VRC?

They made an accompanying thread for vrc

Yes we are searching for both IQ and VRC scrimmages. You may DM me as I am unable to DM people.

You can dm people. Just click the blue envelope after selecting their pfp.


Is this just for vex IQ?

Does it say it is? Reading the post explains the post.

Didn’t mean to offend you, just curious because it was in the VEXIQ discussion category

Hi, yes either IQ or VRC. I have IQ teams that would love to do some scrimmages.

It would not work on my end. Thank you though