Scrimmaging High School and College teams

As usual, the only teams MSU has to practice with are us and other local high school teams. We want to give them a good practice before they compete at Worlds, but we also want the practice to be valuable for our HS teams as well.

This year, the high school and college fields are identical, making scrimmages between high school and college teams much easier. :slight_smile: But College still has 60 seconds of autonomous, whereas high school only has 15. What do you all think would be the most fair way to play matches between high school and college teams?

You could allow extra driver control time for the HS teams perhaps? (Say the HS teams get to use driver control during the last 15-20 seconds of College autonomous or that amount of time after driver control would otherwise end.)

or make auton go for one full min (hs gets 15 then stop, college gets 60)
and then when the game starts, the hs will get β€œbonus” 15 secs where the college teams sit there

I best way i can think is just run the autonomi autonomouses for both and when college autonomous ends start driver because while this may allow college to score a few more it gives both teams accurate distribution of sacks after autonomous because there is no point practicing picking up a sack cluster if your autonomous already does.

Only fifteen seconds? Why the five second time loss? Also, If you were to have a match between HS and college, I would think the best way to do it, would be to chose either college rules, or HS rules to play with, and play that the whole round.

In my opinion it would be best just to play high school matches, because the main thing that needs practice is driver control, not autonomous. You could mix it up by having some 1 minute driver control only matches.
There is not a lot of point in a college team trying out their autonomous while a high school team does nothing - that may as well be done with no opponents.
Of course its not perfect, but I think in terms of practising it would be the most useful.

There was a suggestion last year to alternate between college and high school rules every other match. I suppose one of the high school teams could run a color-specific version of their Programming Skills program during the 60 second autonomous, to simulate an opponent.

New rules. Autonomous is 15 seconds and Driver control is 105 seconds for high school.