Scripting/Multitasking in the competition template

OK so we are new to the RobotC program environment, and we have been able to do a sort of mulitasking for our robot but when we go to transfer the coder over to the competition template i get confused as how to set it all up… do u just create void programs for the different scripts. Or do i put task 1 and task 2 between the autonomous and usercontroll task… Or am i doing it all completly wrong…

Are you using multiple tasks, or multiple functions (voids)?

In either case, you do want to copy the task or void into the program. Placing them above the pre_auton() functions is generally a safe place.

You call tasks using the StartTask(taskName) command and functions by using the name of the function where you want the code to run.

If you post your code with a detailed explanation of what you want to do, I can probably provide more detail.