Scuff Controller Add-On Printing Files

Does anyone know where I can find the 3D printing files for the scuff controller add-on? I know it won the Autodesk Online Challenge, and I found the Autodesk Inventor files, but I can’t find the files to plug into my 3-D printer.

You should be able to get a 3D printer file (like .stl, .obj, or .x3g) if you download it off of Autodesk as one of those. If you don’t have Autodesk Inventor, you should (maybe) be able to convert the files to .stl, .obj, or .x3g, I don’t know if that’s actually possible though.

Okay, I’m trying to convert the files from the winner of the online challenge to the right file type in order to 3D print it. What’s the best way to convert it if I don’t have Autodesk Inventor?

@5SRobotics Where did you get the Inventor files? I have inventor but I can only find fusion 360 files for it.

I just downloaded the fusion 360 free trial and split the scuff paddle parts into seperate stl’s for 3d Printing.Scuff (77.5 MB)


So like does anyone have an Autodesk inventor File?

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