search and rescue with Vex Robotics

Is there a way how we can save lives using the robot like rescue or something productive? If so what bot traction would we use? Should we use armor plating ect. :cool:

top-side view of Mini Search and Rescue bot.
top view of Mini Search and Rescue bot.
Mini Search and Rescue Bot is using a Wireless Webcam and the Chain kit for wheels.

ya that would be awsome to do somthing like this but how would you do it???

all a search and rescue bot does is go underground or in some structure and find them using a mic or camera (s&c bots have to have cams)

ok i thought you ment it had to save people and stuff:p

yeqh but not to pick them up or anything:p

I guess if you use a metal plate on top of the bot and all around and some good traks it might work!:rolleyes:

im going to get a cam soon:rolleyes:

what type???

Well, usually, that >>IS<< what Search & Rescue is about… Saving lives!

Add-on one more possibility, but it would require far better traction than the base wheels…
the ability of running a rescue line to someone… Let’s try the following ideas…

From start-out, outfit the rescue robot with a spool of string. As the robot goes along, it pays out
the string… If it goes a wrong way, have it rewind the string as it rolls over it. (might need a clutch & motor module)

Once it reaches the location of victims, they can pull the string, and have it pull a larger rope, or
air supply line to them.

I wish it had a chance to air, but Radioshack DID have a interesting commercial, with a similar idea.

A police squad was waiting for the bomb squad to arrive… Suddenly, a VEX robot comes from out of nowhere,
armed with a pair of wirecutters… it moves up to the bomb, and clips the wire. (naturally, the
assembly would’ve needed to be strong enough to close the clippers, without
stalling the motor or servo module.)
The police chief says “Tell the Bomb Squad, Good Job”, except, they never arrived… The bomb was
clipped, by a group of students with the transmitter.

Radioshack’s loss…

Stephen (gelfling6)

Your right! it is about saving lives, but…Ok I’m speachless!!!

ok,i don’t want to shoot ur idea down about a vex search and rescue bot,but first and foremost,i’m in an organization called “civil air patrol”(it’s an auxillary of the united states air force)and one of the things we do is practice search and rescue routines,so i know basically everything it is that u need to know 'bout (s.a.r.'s)and i tell you what they would never use a vex,but if they did use a bot, it would be like the bomb squad bot,but a lot sturdier.
To reinforce ur idea though,the bot they would use would be a lot like the vex just…STRONGER! Sorry i gave u a whole essay on it!