Search Features -- short strings

When I search for a short string, such as “SG7,” there are never any results. This is a big inconvenience when searching for rules clarifications. Could the forum be configured so that the search tool is useful for rules searches? From trying it out, it looks like anything shorter than four characters is not searchable, so “SG7” fails but “SG11” works.

I’m sorry, you must add and spell correctly “Kanagasabapathy” to each search to get it to work right. :slight_smile:

But semi-seriously, if you add Karthik or @karthik you can narrow it down, but that gets you all of his posts. Navigating to Nothing but net topic and then search “SG7 Karthik” still got all of Karthik’s posts and not just SG7 related ones.

The previous forum search was not great so I generally use Google’s search on the site. So use Google’s site delimiter in a search term to narrow to “ SG7” yielded this

Narrowing time to one year helps even more (click search tools and choose the time frame of one year)

Top search term went to:

Still can’t beat Google on basic search. All the Google fed results looked pretty relevant to me…