Search with #order by newest isn't quite working for me

Hey folks! I don’t want to be a complainer but…

When I use the search I can’t order by newest.
Like I type “flywheel” into the search bar and then use the drop down menu to add the order by newest filter. Then, with my search bar saying “flywheel + #order by newest”, I press enter. The results I get aren’t ordered by newest. Other search query modifiers are working fine. Is it just me? Am I searching wrong?

Its ordering by the creation of the thread, not the last post made

I didn’t know that. Thanks! So I went back to find the creation date and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern:

If nobody else is having this problem then it’s ok and I can work around it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the home page showed you the “date posted” and by whom…I seem to remember an old VEX Forum that did that. :wink: