Searching for Rules

I need to search for rules in the official Q&A, but, because of the 4-character minimum search term, I cannot use things like “SG4.” Is there any way to change this in the forum software? Thanks.

You could use "Q&A " while searching inside of the “Official StarStruck Q&A” channel. The extra text will not affect the search results, since every result has Q&A in it

MayorMonty, that didn’t work for me, but this did in Google: sg4

It would still be nice to use the built-in search feature.

You could load all of the Q&A threads on the page and then press ctrl + f to search the entire page for matches. Another way is to type in the search bar "answered: " since every thread starts with the word answered. Both of these worked for me.

I find Google search works much better and it has crawled the forums quite nicely. Qualify the heck out of the search and go into tools and choose within the past year if you want this year’s rulings only.

This search had SG4 in the title primarily for the first page of results Official Q&A SG4

or other variants…