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In keeping with the spirit of not starting a new thread when a particular question has been asked, I have been trying to use the search function more. I have to say, I have found some useful ideas that way. However, I don’t know how to use the full functionality of the search (such as using multiple search words - or saying something must contain “X or Y but not Z”). Is there a primer on here somewhere on how to formulate search strings?

For example, if I put How to Use Search in the search window this results in any post that has any of those four words to pop up. On the other hand, if I put “How to Use Search” (quotes around the words) I get a null response because it is specifically looking for that string in a post.

So what is the best way to search??

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I have found Google to have indexed the site quite well. Qualify the search with the site directive for the forums. This thread is too new to be indexed yet but you can get some oldie but goodie threads very well

For instance, this one gives a very good thread right away on holonomic drive code holonomic drive code

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Thank you, Giraffes, you are always so helpful! This might serve as a PSA for others, too.