Season Coming to a End

Once again the vex 2014-2015 seasons is coming to an end. So I have a question to the different teams. What made, or ruined your seasons? What has your team learned for the next season? I am interested to hear what you guys have to say. I personally hope that there is something that might help other teams down the road.

what made my season was definitely staying with one design through the entire year. i was almost going to change from dr4b to 8 bar, but that would have been the end of of my team this year

I would say our notebook was really special this year and helped not only the judges understand our design process, but helped us be more competitive as a team. I also have learned just how crucial driving practice is, and have seen how the lack of it can totally screw teams and vice versa.

What made our season never happen: Having college final exams, a week after worlds.

Pshhhhhhh. The week before exams is the best time to miss. It is all just review and exam prep.

Got carried our first tournament with our robot that could barely score 3 skyrises and placed 10th. Cared every team we were with the second tournament and got 6. We learned sometimes you just get lucky in robotics lol

After reading what I wrote I mistyped what I meant. There is the week of worlds, then a week of class then finals. So during the week before finals we review, but we would miss the last topics that we were learning in the class the week before. The instructor would most likely not review that material because it had been taught so close to the final that it would be hard to forget.

I think what ruined my year was being kicked off of my team. But otherwise nothing was really good nor bad.

Well, that’ll do it.

One thing that I learned this year was that you’re going to be more successful initially if you pick a design, stick with it, and make it work to its fullest potential. If you want higher levels of success later, you’ll need to be ready about half-way through the season to identify what the “ideal” is, and then go for it. Or if you want both initial and later success, just work everyday, all day, and think about it all the time, but this begins to kill you in time, effort, and sleep. Of course these three paths I’ve described are not the only ones–you could just have the right design from the beginning. Vex is a game that makes you ask questions like, “Do I want to keep what I have and do well today? Or do I pursue a new course for the chance of doing better tomorrow and take a loss today?”

What made our season special? The fact that we expected to come in maybe 7th out of 8 teams, then get to competition and finish qualifiers in 4th and make it to semifinals. Along the way beating historic rivals of our university, which was an amazing feeling considering it was the first year of our VEX U team.

What helped in our teams season was:
-An LCD Display to choose our autonomous codes and to show our battery percentages.
-An easier way to switch the colored plates in between matches.
-A detailed engineering notebook.
-Integrated Encoders in autonomous in order to make movements precise.
-A robot that performs at the best of its ability, is efficient, and is very consistent throughout each tournament.
-Bringing tools with us to the field for emergency repairs.

What we could have done differently to have helped us in our season was:
-We had a bad design to start off with, which set us back! It helps to do things right the first time.
-We learned that judges prefer typed and extremely well organized notebooks, (not just handwritten).
-We learned that buttons being held down by rubber bands to start your autonomous is not very reliable, (hence the mention of using an LCD Display).
-Having at least three batteries per team would have been helpful at some larger tournaments, since we went through them so quickly, the other ones hadn’t finished charging yet.