Second source for latex tubing

I’ve seen a number of robots with yellow-ish latex tubing. Given that the official Vex black latex tubing is rather expensive, where are teams finding this replacement?

Is this a McMaster Carr part? If so, can someone post a link to the equivalent part?



I have heard that latex tubing is available in stores almost everywhere.

Perfect. Thanks,


Mcmaster pn 5234K932
Price is +4% for 10’ (same as Vex sells) ($1.04 /ft)
Price is -25% for 25’ or more. ( $0.74 / ft)

Amazon has 10ft for $25,
"Rehab World 8790A Amber Latex Tubing - ID 1/16 Wall 1/32 OD 1/8 "
is online somewhere for $17 for 50 ft reel,(plus shipping and handling).
17/50=$0.34 is the 1/3rd price of Vex, if you want bulk, and don’t mind dealing with multiple vendors. I’ve not tried any suppliers but Vex and Mcm.

Latex tubing strength is about same as eqv cross section of #32 rubber band. shows $8.29/pound for high quality rubber, or $5+/pound for “economy”, in #32 rubber band size

You can prescreen rubberbands by making a standard hanging weight vs length rubric.
If your design can use an integer length of rubber bands (usually 1 or 2),
then rubber bands can work well because they are easy to add more bands to get incrementally more strength.