{Secret} Transmitter Setting?

When toy turn on the transmitter, it shows the voltage left on the battery, and from there you can hold select and mode to go into the menu. But if you hold the select and mode buttons when you turn on the controller, it brings up a {secret} menu.
It brings up a menu that has a flashing #1 and you can change it from #1-#4, but you can not do anything else on the controller. You can drive the robot but can not view any other settings, change trim, of view the voltages. Does anyone know what this {secret} setting is and what these {secret} numbers are for? and what they do?:confused:

have you tried posting this in the “ask the experts” section? Maybe they can help.

This might just be nothing more than a “bug” that shows up only when the transmitter is operated improperly…

dont know but sounds cool and useful if you can find the use for it
did you experiment yet

I have experimented a little with it and it does like he said, you can control the robot and trim, etc. But a couple functions are not available, not major ones. This is quite weird, like Blake said, probably just a glitch in the transmitter’s system.

no, you cant even change the trim

That’s weird, I could.

On mine all you can do is use the two [sticks] and the 4 buttons on the back
all the other buttons [except for the power] are [disabled].

that is supposed to be there. i read somewhere that it is used to (i dont know why) switch channels two and three on the controller. i dont see why you would want to do this, but…:slight_smile:

Well i guess that this is exactly what it does
and it is kinda strange
why would they make this setting {secret}

i guess becasue it’s only use is very wierd

If it is in the Inventor’s Guide (Conderoga says page page 6-13); well then it isn’t very secret… Is it?


Is it really?!?!?! I haven’t looked at the inventors guide once since our team unwrapped our first kit.

You probably should. It’s a very interesting piece of material to read.

It should be 1-2. If your transmitter’s like that, then it might be bad.:frowning: 2 is normal. If you want to swap channel 3 and 2, then set it to 1. But only if you have a good reason!

[QUOTEThat’s weird, I could.[/QUOTE]
then its probaly some bug.
It also could be some way of determining info about the transmitter.
I would like to know if diffrent transmitters start with diffrent numbers?
it could also be:
[1] freequency, change the freequency thingy and see if that changes it?
[2] something to do with the robot?
[3] something to do with the signal?
change it turn the thing off then on and see if there are any differences.
i will try this and post the results.

well, i’m preeeetty sure that’s used to change modes. i dun have a vex tx or anything, i just recently joined the school’s robotics club. but however, i am an experienced radio control helicopter pilot (and yeah… our radios are far far more sophisticated than this) anyways, i’m pretty sure that it changes the channels you control.

mode 1:
left up/down = ch2
left left/right = ch4
right up/down = ch3
right up/down = ch1

mode 2:
left up/down = ch3
left left/right = ch4
right up/down = ch2
right up/down = ch1

mode 3:
left up/down = ch2
left left/right = ch1
right up/down = ch3
right up/down = ch4

mode 4:
left up/down = ch3
left left/right = ch1
right up/down = ch2
right up/down = ch4

if it isn’t like that, then i bet it’s close. cuz on rc aircrafts, ch1 is normally aileron, ch2 is normally elevator, ch3 is often throttle (and pitch on helis), ch4 is rudder.

i’ve read the inventors guide a lot over the past 6 months and yes, blake is right. There is a paragraph in the Control section of the Inventors Guide that talks about modes one and two and pressing and holding the mode and select buttons at the same time.

 This is from someone {me} who had read every bit of the inventors guide to             fix up his robot better for class since he didn't know that there was a forum online where people help eachother with their exact problems.

I haven’t used my vex kit in months because band is intense this year, but I believe you can save different controller configurations using this, for user changes and other things. Again, if i’m wrong correct me, but please no endless lists about my stupidity, as on some other forms I have joined.

No, on my other post, I said you should only be able to change it from 1-2.:confused: You should pay more attention to other’s posts.