Secrets of a 4-Bar Lift

Last Saturday I noticed that many of the most notable teams had 4-bars at the South Texas Regional. Among these are: 2880A “Torbots” and 2344B “Clear Springs Vex Robotics”.

Our team has since decided to scrap our lift due to poor performance at our most recent competition and were curious about 4-bars.

Many teams, including us, have 6-bars and cannot reach the 24" goal efficiently or at all, so I was surprised to see these teams with 4-bars that easily reached the 24" goal.

We were just wondering if there was any particular “secret” to 4-bars, hence the title. Pictures would also be much appreciated if possible.

I was also wondering if there were any other advantages a 4-bar has over a 6-bar.

There are some great advantages over a six bar v.s. a four bar that we have noticed. here they are…
Looks a little too easy, and unpredictable
Easier to hang with
and lastly, require less parts.

We spent a long long time perfected the height on our 4-bar and we are not prepared to reveal this to anyone yet,but will release a series of videos after Worlds explaining our Robot’s.
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Thanks for Acknowledging us as a good team, you guys were great as well! Good luck!

Thank you for the information. You were great as well!

Just in case you are interested, I have the footage from the finals matches in a playlist on YouTube ( Sorry if you can’t see what is going on very well, I was far away and had to zoom in at a weird angle.

Thanks for the footage!

4252A did not have a 4-bar. We had a 6 bar. The design of our 6-bar served several purposes during the design we first used it for which are not necessarily applicable to our design at state. I really don’t think either a 4-bar or 6-bar are going to have a serious performance advantage if either are built well. A 6-bar will be a little bit heavier/complex (and only a little bit), and can be more finicky stability-wise but will get you more height more easily with more configuration options. 4-bar will be easier in some fronts but will be trickier to get greater height with.

My apologies, I thought I had seen a 4-bar on your robot.

Ways to make 6bar (or 4bar) higher:
Increase the space between the horizontal bars
Mount the bars higher
Extend the length of the middle horizontal bar (by adjusting mounting for example)