Securing Grip tape to polycarbonate

So, my team needs to secure some grip tape to a piece of poly-carbonate. We were planning to just drill some holes in the sheet and secure it with screws. However, we were wondering if there are other ways… Just for our testing, we stuck it on with tape. However, I believe this is not allowed. Is there something else we can do, or do we just stick with drilling the holes?


just drill holes and use screws.


Assuming you mean Anti-Slip Mat, I recommend drilling holes in the polycarbonate and securing the mesh with zip-ties. That way you can easily change the grip mesh if needed, and zip-ties won’t pull through the holes like screws could.


Just go with the screws. You can only use tape for technical stuff. (wires, covering back of license plates, pneumatic fittings , labeling motors and wires, securing a VEXnet ket, and any other “non-functional decoration.” - VEX Change Up Manual Section 3 rule R11). Zip ties could also work really well because they won’t slip through mesh or rip through it.

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