Securing VEX standoffs?

How do you secure these things? They keep loosening whenever we use them as part of a pivoting point and there’s no way to throw nylocks on them.

Last year, when I had prongs for SS, I put a Teflon washer between every standoff segment and it managed to stay in place.

on each surface to metal contact point or just where the screw head rests?

I put it between every metal contact point. It isn’t permanently secured, but it will stay on longer than without using the washers.

little bit of blue locktite, never come out, even when you are trying to get them off… :slight_smile:

I use locktite blue whenever i need a really secure standoff connection, but usually used a Allen wrench and crescent wrench and tightening it down really hard gets the job done.

As the others have said, a bit of threadlock will keep any screw in place
Althought this year we have been avoiding the use of standoffs as joints by desigining around screws.

l o c t i t e b l u e

<R7> prohibits this use of Teflon tape.

Per <R7g>iii, the only legal functional use of Teflon tape is to mitigate leaks in pneumatics connections.