Seeing C++ code in VEX IQ Blocks

Hi there. I’m trying to do a project in IQ Blocks that involves some testing with PID loops and such, but I’ve run into the problem of not being able to convert Blocks code into C++. This is strange, given that the VEX official website says that both Blocks and C++ are supported in IQ Blocks, but I just can’t see any option to convert Blocks code into C++ code.

Any and all help on this matter would be appreciated. I’m a bit tight on time as well, so rapid responses would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

As to my understanding theres no way to translate automatically at the moment. I believe this is likely due to the difference in complexity and elasticity between the two. VEX IQ blocks is way more graphical oriented, while text itself has unique structure systems that cannot be replicated to a blocks format. That being said the same applies vise versa as theres probably features added for block’s convenience for graphical interface as well. So, if you truly want to copy over from one version to another you will probably need to open the blocks program and a blank C++ program and start translating it.


VEXcode C++ for IQ has not been released yet but it won’t be far away.


We should have the V5 update out within the next week that will include Python - we’re currently doing final testing and preparation for a V5 firmware update to be released at the same time.

IQ C++ support update will be about 2 weeks behind the V5 release.

If you’re in a pinch and need text based programming, ROBOTC is still a viable answer.


Looks like I’ll wait for the Python version to come out. Thanks to all!