Seeking Advice on Hosting a National VEX Robotics Competition

Hello fellow educators and experienced VEX Robotics enthusiasts,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your guidance and expertise regarding hosting a national VEX Robotics competition for the first time in my country. As this is a new initiative, I have several questions and would greatly appreciate your input and suggestions.

Nomination Process: Is it advisable to host a national competition to nominate teams for the international competition? If so, what would be the recommended timeline to start the national competition and when should we set the final date?

Competition Rules and Details: Could you please provide insights into the specific rules and competition details that we should consider when organizing a national VEX Robotics competition? Any tips on structuring the competition format, scoring criteria, and judging parameters would be extremely helpful.

Team Limitations: Is there any limit to the number of teams that can participate in a national VEX Robotics competition? If so, what would be an appropriate team limit based on your experience?

I understand that the VEX Robotics competitions have evolved over time, and I would like to learn from your collective expertise to ensure a successful and engaging event for our aspiring roboticists. Your valuable insights, advice, and suggestions will greatly contribute to the development of our national VEX Robotics competition.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I look forward to your responses and sharing this knowledge with other educators who may be in a similar position.

Best regards,

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The best person to contact will be your regional REC Foundation Team / Event Engagement Manager(s).

You can find their contact information on this page: Robot Events


National Championships outside of the US are organized working with the Regional Support Manager (RSM) for each country. The RSM position is still used outside of the United States. You should get in contact with your RSM if you are interested in running an event. They are responsible for approving all events in their region and selecting the Event Partner to run regional championships. If you do not know your RSM you may reach out to [email protected] and you will be put in contact with him or her.


thank you very much for your response , and for sure we will contact him/her , just wondering if you can share any experience or information from your passed event , as in our current situation with no any experience at all with this event it will be great to hear from people already passed through this

Hi Ubai,

Iā€™m VP for International Programs at the REC Foundation. As such I oversee the international RSMs and no longer run events. If you have a specific question I would be happy to put you in touch with the correct RSM. What country are you in? You may email me directly at [email protected]




Thank you for your quick response and willingness to assist us. We greatly appreciate your support.

We have already taken the initiative and sent an email to you .

We are eager to collaborate with the RSM to ensure a successful National VEX Robotics Competition in our country.

Thank you once again for your time and consideration. We will eagerly await your response.

Best regards,

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