Seeking: VEX Worlds Robot Reveal Videos!

With VEX Worlds fast approaching, we at VEX Robotics are getting excited and know you and your team are too!

This year, VEX is going to feature robot reveal videos from teams who are attending the event. If you’re interested, please post your video in this thread and include your grade level, team number, team name, city, state, and school or affiliation. Keep an eye out for your video to be highlighted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest starting next week.

The VEX Robotics team can’t wait to see you all in Louisville!!

When’s the deadline for posting them? We don’t have our reveal video finished yet, so I was wondering.

Are these reveal videos still going to be showcased if they are submitted the week before Worlds? That is when we planned to do ours.

I will be working on a reveal video this week, and then later I will post it here. This is a genius idea to give teams incentive to promote there team before the world championship.

I’ve deleted the off topic posts in this thread after Android4life chose to “self moderate” and delete his previous posts. Kyle, some of the linked reveal videos were fun to watch, I think you could start another thread with interesting past reveals that are not related to VEX or this years game. After watching one of the videos there was a link to “Hitler’s FRC team” (part of the movie downfall that is often used with english language sub-titles in a fun way) that is hilarious, thanks for that.

I’m glad Vex doesn’t have a weight limit. :slight_smile:

10lbs or less XD. That way vex sells tons of aluminum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not tons, actually. Less than 10lbs per team.

We plan on doing a reveal video but not until closer to Worlds. Most teams will likely do this. I hope it’s not a problem.

He was joking by saying “tons”, haha. But be careful of those last minute teams who who will build your same robot from scratch the night before worlds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, those robots always work flawlessly. With multiple reliable autons, and lots of driver practice. All in one night. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

They probably look exactly like yours but don’t act exactly like yours, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. I might help them get it working in the pits on Wednesday if they put in the time all night in the hotel to try to build it!

would be funny if they switch your robot when you’re not looking with their exactly look like one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please submit all videos by April 8, 2015.

Is it ok if overseas teams get a bit of extension for that?
Is 11 Apr ( or 10 Apr at your side) be ok?

We want to do a mega 4-robot release… so it will definitely takes longer for coord…


Our team has just released our robot reveal here if you want to go check it out, otherwise here is our reveal video on YouTube.

Here is my team’s reveal video

We have the only known HS dual-bot

4 9th graders
Team Semiconductors
Glen Allen VA

Hello! We are ATOM 243A from Sammamish, Washington. We have three eighth graders and two sixth graders from Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning, Odle Middle School, and Inglewood. Our team is affiliated with the Sammamish Chinese School.
Our reveal is here:

That’s a very nice looking robot. Do you mind if I ask how your SkyRise claw manages to build all 7 sections? In the video it appears that the claw is at the top of the robot, so I’m wondering how it delivers the first SkyRise section into the base.

We are a high school team from Greenville Texas, our name is Ironwave, our number is 26, and we are homeschooled.