Seemingly broken potentiometer return

While uploading my new program to my robot I noticed my potentiometer (which was working perfectly fine until now) was giving me strange values. It seems to be sending something along the lines of (speed + angle(out of 360)/5). I’d raise the arm (that the potentiometer is on) and the number would rise in relation to how fast I pulled it up, and then go back down to a number just larger than the one I started with.
What’s happening and how do I fix it…

did you break the potentiometer? those things are super fragile, if you pushed the shaft past it’s limits it’ll break the potentiometer.

I don’t think so. I’ve been pretty careful with it, but I guess its a possibility

I was keeping an eye on it because I noticed my motors I had in a PID with it would turn on and off rapidly, and then finally do it’s triggered job eventually.

solution: Turn the cortex on…