Seesaw Flywheel - We need some help

My team was wondering, what should we do first the flywheel or the seesaw? And, where should we make the turning point, in the middle?

Start making your flywheel so a puck has some room to fit and a little wiggle room. Then create and adjust your seesaw after.

Definitely make the flywheel first, then the seesaw. If you mean where to place the pivot of the seesaw, then what we did was placing it directly beneath the seesaw. We used a 2x stand-off to connect a 36-tooth gear and corner connector together. This connector is then attached to the base of the seesaw and therefore has a pivot according to the direction the gear spins in. Sort of like this (while the stand-off is hidden in this picture, you can somewhat see the connector attached to the base of the seesaw hopefully!):

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Thank you so much for your help I managed to crank out the seesaw and flywheel in a couple hours. Also, welcome to the forums!

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