Select Auton Using LCD

Hi, I was wondering what the code was for selecting between auton routines using the LCD. I would like to have 8 routines, and scroll through the names using the left and right buttons and using the middle one to select

What are you using, RobotC or EasyC? If you are using RobotC look at the 4080A programming help, JPearman re-wrote ours to fix a disconnect issue and it works perfectly. It takes little effort to increase the number of selections. The code we started with was for 3 selections and we increased it to 6.

There’s some examples in this thread, however, the examples get complex quite quickly.

The code that sbdrobotics is using is here.

So how do the buttons work? Does the left and right ones work to choose between, and the center is select?

That is exactly how our code works.