Self balancing a traybot with an inertial sensor?

Would it be possible to use the inertial sensor to detect when the robot is falling over and move motors based on how much it is falling over? and if this is possible how would I implement it

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Yes. As for how, balance a broom (broom side up) on your hand and watch how you have to move your hand in response to the broom tipping. The robot would have to make similar motions to avoid tipping.

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IMO just use slew rate code. It’s a mechanism in the code to decrease motor burnout but as a result provides smoother, less jerky chassis movements which can prevent falls

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that sounds perfect, how?

If the robot doesn’t have sideways capabilities, that sort of logic would be hard to implement

I believe (@)techn3k has a page for it on the wiki thread

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Then the robot falls. You can’t have a robot balance along an axis that it lacks degrees of freedom in.

yeah, im really only looking for backward falling, not sideways so i dont need strafing

Ya I think that’s what I said earlier unless I’m misunderstanding what U wrote…

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