wouldn’t it be cool if we do a vex physics experiment? where we take a big motor and hook it up to the vex kit, then hook a smaller one to the battery port, then turn the wheels really fast then a never-ending motor to generator situation has occored

I have something similiar already created just never found the time to creat the magnetic coils it has. gotta go to work but when i get home i will describe it not going to post pics of it but i will describe as much as possible without giving away my project. i’m shooting for free energy. the design i have requires 1.5 volts to operate but produces a tinybit over 14v. but all laws of motiona nd physics say that this is impossible. and if it was possible whouldn’t it already be avaliable? I mean the idea i’m working with is so simple.

ok my experiment analisis are in 0v completed with my generator :frowning: sigh

I guess you cannot use another motor…

Sorry, but free energy (or infinite self-generating machines) don’t work in reality due to losses in energy between the motor, the generator, and the wiring back to the motor. :wink:

Well I came up with another Idea “See Vex Solar Panel

i know that mythbusters tried to make means of finding free energy. sadly it did not work. i know you can use any DC motor as a generator, but i dont think servos will give any output.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. but here is the basic concept. i really got to finish something i start but i’m not ready to make my own coils just yet.

there is a (tubine) on this rotor i have a set of magnets. they are spinning inside a pvc pipe with a clearence of 1/64th of an inch or .015. this drives a 4:1 ratio turning an array of magnets (generator) inside 16 coils. I can personally use the same magnets and by hand i can start the device and keep it running for about 2 mins when i loose my coordination. so i’m fully aware that there is no such thing as free energy or perputial motion. but with out the obsurdity of others how will we ever grow? the magnets spin and so far i have a single coil that is producing enough voltage to burn out a 2.5V LED. The driving force though is a set of 8 elecrto magnets and through prototyping it requries 6 “D” batteries in series to make the amps needed to do the pushing all i have left of this device is the coils, electromags, and a timing system. and hopefully it will be at least self efficent. here are some pics i won’t go into anymore detail. because the idea of free energy is to share it and i want to finish it and if it works then i will post it all over the internet and magazines and forums. no profit just the benifit to man kind.

here we go.

I just looked at your images and, OH MY GOSH you have the ability to bring the electric company to its knees. You sir, are my hero

chuckle, well i would be unemployed then huh?.. I am a Turbine mechanic. I help keep them running event free. but you never know… all it takes is one clog and they are toast and usually their surroundings as well.


Take this creativity and combine it with a physics text book to avoid wasting time on dead ends. It’s great that you are learning about motors and generators. It is disappointing that you don’t yet realize just how fundamental to everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is the rule that “The entropy of a closed system always increases.”

One thing you should attempt to accomplish during your time experimenting with your Vex kits and similiar hobbies is to strengthen your mental filter that lets you throw a penalty flag and shout “Bull!” whenever you spot a waste of time on an internet page. These wastes of time include every form of “Free Energy”.

By experimenting you learn that the torque needed to rotate a long heavy arm is not trivial, you learn that it takes time to write and debug good instructions to tell a robot how to make the simplest of motions, you learn that motors, gears, levers, screws, etc. take up space and and that desigining something easy to disassemble/maintain is harder than it seems, etc. Each time you grow more competent in theses areas, you become better able to spot mistakes in other peoples’ hype - For example, “By the year 2000 everyone will have flying cars…”

Along the way you hopefully begin to acquire a respect for the work of the thousands and millions of successful, great minds and hands that have gone before you, and whose work created the foundations on which your experiments are built.

One thing those successful folks agree upon is that there is no Free Energy. Well-intentioned, but mistaken folks make the mistake often (and no small numbers of charlatans and hucksters make the mistake purposefully in every generation); but if you head down to the patent office you will see exactly how many of them have been successful.


Through using Vex kits and participating in robotics teams/clubs, you young folks have opportunties to learn and grow that were unheard of just 20 years ago. Pay the price of success by investing in study; do the hard work instead of chasing the illusions of free lunches and sloppy scholarship, and the world can be your oyster. And… You can start really benefiting mankind.

We don’t need more Free Energy diversions of talented human capital. We do need a practically inifinite list of realizable impprovements in the technologies, economic processes, and social fabrics of our current world.

Good luck and happy hunting,
PS: Miller - Please let us all know the efficiency of your motor generator set once you compute it. That is a very worthwhile thing to accomplish. However… if the number comes out to be greater than or equal to 1, you should probably double check your math. :slight_smile:

Sigh, i’m not going to get into a argument with you. First off I understand that physics says there is no possible way for this to work. It’s not a matter of if it is true or if it is false. the idea of the process is to better mankind. it’s similiar to the fountain of youth that is discussed in hundreds of folk lore. I’m not looking for a nobel peace prize nor am i a crazy scientiest thats pouring all his time into an equation that will never zero out. i also am not the one who is building this as a learning curve. i’m doing this for fun and for some miracle that it works. then i will know that my life stood for something. you have to challenge yourself into proving the worth of your cause. where would we be if columbus never sailed across the ocean? or if franklin was scared of lightning?

How are you ever going to know if you never take a chance.

P.S. Mr Blake I am well aware of the complications of energy production. I’m not a student, just an average joe who’s speciality is in Fossil, Hydro, and Nuclear Turbines and Generators.

lol, i thought miller’s contraption looked pretty awesome… :slight_smile:

Double-sigh - It wouldn’t be / isn’t an argument with me. It’s an argument with the universe, and the universe holds all the cards. You and I hold none.

Triple-sigh - You could spend this time in ways that are guaranteed to help mankind, one person at a time. Just look around.

Through study, careful reasoning and application of what is known as “The scientific method”. This isn’t a new domain that needs basic experimentation and research (Franklin), this is a well-plowed field in which you can build on past results until you either reach an unknown or find an inconsistency (Columbus).

Though it is “currently impossible” to get free energy, why let it stop you? There is probobly just some “crazy” way of finding it and noone yet has the imagination to think out of the box. Let me rephrase that," think out of the generator."

Keep trying, I’ll try to help. :slight_smile:

It’s not “currently impossible”.

  1. All analysis of all direct and indirect evidence supports the conclusion that it is forever impossible.
  2. Until you find a flaw in the design of past experiments, or in the logic and math behind the conclusions drawn from them, you are making a very poor investment of your time.

That is why you should let the work accomplished by past and present geniuses guide how you spend your short life.


Its so sad, either someone contradicts me, or they just keep their silence knowing im wrong.:frowning:

Translation- I like it better when your silent:D

blake, leave him alone. im sure he knows that its been tried countless times, all proving to be impossible. but why not try? it would be a fun thing to try and do, i think. just like i used to try making my own hovercrafts, i eventually got on that would lift me off the ground (about 90 lbs). i had fun, and thats what vex is all about.

You are an inspiration to us all!

thanks, too bad i didnt take any pics.

it was pretty easy to make, i just used a peice of wood and for the skirt of the hovercraft i used a garbage bag and duct tape. for propulsion i used my mom’s hairdryer, which worked great, until i figured out that it melted a hole in the garbage bag :slight_smile:

pics would have been great