Self lift ability

Our team is really new to building lifts do to upper class men building them in sky rise. we are wondering if you could first of all get a chain lift to self lift. we want to run 6 HT motors with a 3-1 gear ratio but is that possible. If its not possible what gear ratio would you suggest recommend. we would really like to stay with a chain lift do to our size limitations.

Since they are high torque, and 6 of them, I would recommend you to have a 3-1 gear ratio, since 6 motors would be strong enough to do that.
At the beginning of the year, our team has built a successful chain lift. It worked and worked well. Chain lifts are fairly inefficient on strength, so a 6 motor lift should do the trick obviously xD
A chain lift is very compact, and takes a lot of knowledge to build a fast and effective lift that could seriously make an impression on other teams…