Self Lift NBN Prototype Idea

A while ago we created the rack and pinion self lift for our robot so instead of lifting other alliances we lift ourself. This was built in 1 hour so don’t judge

Also follow on instagram at Gavin__Wallace for more reveals of the robot coming very soon.

Cool video! If I’m not wrong, this was posted on your instagram account some time ago

Just wondering, what gear ratio did you use to lift up the entire robot? Also, which internal motor gear configuration do you use?

Being able to lift yourself rather than relying on your partner could certainly be an advantage, but what position do you want your partner to be in so that they hold you up after you raise the lift? They can’t be directly underneath you because that’s where the lift is, and if they’re just on one side of you I’d imagine you’d just fall down. I guess they could push balls underneath you and then just touch you, but I’m not sure that’d get you 4"

Wouldn’t you have to lift yourself 18 inches above the playing field so that larger robots could support you? Otherwise I could see some un-happy robot accidentally pushing you over… :frowning: Looks pretty cool though! :slight_smile:

I’m using a 2:1 gear ratio with only two motors.

The way I stay up and stay there, that’s the secret #pneumatic corner