Self lifting

At this point of the season when some rules has been clarified, has anyone to build a functional and legal robot that can raise itself whit the field perimeter?

I personally think this idea could be the usefull way to earn elevation points in qualifications rounds because it does not depend on the alliance partner, but you have to take especial care on SG14 and SG10 what makes it very hard to achieve specially high elevation.

I’ve been thinking about prototyping a self lifting mechanism this next week for our robot, but it would be hard to put yourself on top of the other team’s robot depending on how they built it.

Plus, some teams might not want someone putting a robot on top of their’s and taking the chance of it damaging something.

In my opinion lift yourself whit a random partner is almost impossible, assuming you means to hang in one side of your alliance robot, the torque of your robot would de very high, it could only stand without falling a robot specially designed for this

I was thinking of using the field perimeter, resting on the top of it or at least raising yourself above the 4 inches, and then your alliance come and touches you, almost any random robot could do that.

I am attempting a self lift concept right now, but I thought it would be better to think carefully through the manual update before I got too far away from my forklift. I think a well executed self lift would definitely be superior to partner lifts because of their ability to be consistent in lifting the same robot every time instead of having to deal with the variations that will undoubtedly be an issue for everyone planning to lift their partner. I don’t know if the field perimeter is going to be any help with a self lift but climbing onto your partner is off the table for me.

I built one for my Hs Team, and it works really well, but during qualification we spect to don´t use it in every match cause as said in this thread, many teams wont´t like to keep a robot at their top because it can damage their robot.

However we are working on new design so it can rest by itself, and just have to touch the other robot with something secure, like a rubber band lol.

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Wasn’t it clarified that you could not rest on top of it, or was it that you couldn’t use it to lift yourself up?

Edit: I found the post that deemed it legal. I guess this means I will go through with my self lifting design.

Sadly, Karthik said no lifting yourself using field perimeter.

However, you can still use some sort of rack and pinion to lift yourself, let your alliance partner drive under it, and retract the rack to rest yourself on your alliance partner. Sort of self lifting.


Okay Caleb I saw the ruling you were quoting. Interesting. I haven’t been keeping up with the details of the rules in Q&A recently.

It appears:

Using field perimeter to high elevate is illegal.
Lifting yourself and then resting on field perimeter is legal.

Hope next game manual update will clear things up a bit. This is more complicated than whether you’re allowed to disassemble cubes or not… BTW remember the rule update in skyrise that says you can’t disassemble cubes? Yeah. I asked that.

The way I interpreted the various rulings so far is that it is fine to use the field perimeter to lift yourself, as long as you don’t hook or hang on to it in a way that could cause damage. I terms of using the field perimeter to elevate two robots is where I think it is not really (or maybe it is?) allowed to do so. We’ll see on Monday what the update says, I hope they don’t outright ban double elevation… :slight_smile:

I also think that elevating yourself has another advantage in that it saves time. If it takes 30 seconds to elevate, you don’t have both robots out for the last 30 seconds, and while one is raising up the other can still score and only needs to come and touch/support it in the last few seconds.

Hmmm, I thought they had already banned that. :confused:

With the game update coming today, I thought I’d post my self lifting robot (originally intended to also lift your partner for 100 points)

The robot has wings which expand with pneumatics to rest on the field perimeter. The robot then hoists itself up using linear sliders and then slightly tilts back to be above 12" (would explain the linear + tilt movement using the same motors if self lifting is feasible after the update). Possibly would use a transmission to switch between drive train and hoisting mechanism.

Wings collapsed

Wings open

Hoisted up and tilted back

Aren’t the brackets included in the field height spec? If so then wouldn’t this only be a low elevation because the robot is resting on places below the brackets?