Selling all my vex stuff!

Well I am selling all my vex stuff!

Its sad to see such a good kit go, I love vex its truly the best but I am starting to move into more advanced robotics and need the money to buy the sensors and parts.

This is what I will be selling

PRICES ARE RETAIL (I will be selling all of this together for $450 to $500)

1x Original Vex Kit $300
1x Vex Explorer Kit $200
1x Programming Kit (Lost CD key!! But hardware works) $100
4x Small Omni’s $40
1x Motor Driver w/ relay attached $15
1x Tri-Pack Metal $150
1x Encoder pack $20
1x Light Sensor $20
1x Ultrasonic Sensor $30
1x Extra Claw $20
1x Tank Tread Kit $30
1x Gear Pack $15
1x Advanced Gear Kit $20
1x Sprocket and Chain kit $30

I am asking for around $450 to $500 which is around %50 retail, I totaled it all up and got $990 for it bran new so its half price.

It is in good condition, some screws, nuts, and washers and small stuff like that might be missing but all of the major things are there.

The only thing that does not work is the vex explorer controller, this is because the antenna is messed up (It came like that from the factory!) and there is only one battery pack I lost the second one.

I will be listing it on eBay in a few days, probably Wednesday night or Thursday and at the latest Friday.

Is anyone interested? It will be priced at around $450 to $500

Your gain my loss!!!

I noticed that your prices are close to the cost of your parts, are close to the price of new parts. Considering a lot of ebay listings are 50% of the new price, you might want to consider scaling your prices down to get any buyers.

Of course it’s a free market economy, so you can sell for as much as you want.

The prices I listed are retail! Not what I wanted

For all of it I wanted $450 to $500

I will change the post hang on

Hi i almost bought the same stuff for $350 off of craigslist so i think you should sell it for that same price and that is a good deal for me

Are you selling this on Ebay? If you are, I’m asking my parents right away!
I can use this for The Flexx AIR 2.0. Also why are you including the programing hardware?