Selling Collection of VEX EDR/IQ Parts (Just in Time for Worlds!)

Hi everyone! After 7 amazing years of competing with multiple teams, schools, and organizations, I am officially retired from vex robotics and am attempting to sell my collection of parts in the process.

With worlds right around the corner, this is a perfect time to load up on some extra equipment :slight_smile: .

This collection is fully VRC legal and contains many parts commonly used on robots these days. I am willing to sell the parts individually, or sell the ENTIRE collection for just $300 including shipping charges. Buying all these parts today brand new would come out to be around $600-$700 by my estimate.

There is also a collection of IQ sprockets and chain extensions that can be seen in the images as well (for you college teams :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Rather than putting a set price on each part, I will ask that anyone interested reaches out to me with the part(s) they desire and the quantity that they are looking for if they choose to not go with the bulk option.

I am willing to sell tote parts independently as well, don’t think that just because a certain part is in a tote with other parts that you have to buy the entire tote.

If any of the images are unclear, please let me know and I will address the concern ASAP.






Is this still available?

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Yes! Please DM me if you’re interested!

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Not sure if that turnable bearing is still legal they released v2 meaning the old one might be illegal. I’d check the discontinued and legal parts list.

The old turntable is still legal for use.